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Wraith Queens... Commanders... Soldiers.... Hybrids.... Worshippers.... Wraithkin.... Runners....   all are welcome here!

What you will find on Wraith Never Ending

Find images of costumes from fans to the series, fan art, screencaps, event photos and more under the Visual Database.

Fan movies and music videos event video guides of costume techinques under Vids.

Chat with various Wraith fans under the Wraith Network. Come in and say "Hello", connect with a Hive, get pointers on your outfit and see what others are doing and a whole lot more!

Looking for a place to sport that Wraith outfit and perhaps join other Wraith cosplayers? Check out the latest events and conventions under Cullings and Invasions. See which Hives will be attending a Convention and perhaps your favorite Stargate Personality will be attending that event! Not sure if there are other Wraith in your area? Check on the Hives page for a listing of established Hives from around the world! Join one near you and let the cullings begin. Not one near you? Create a Hive then have it posted here! 

Take a look through our Wraith Members! Add your profile to the list of Queens, Commanders, Drones, Worshippers, Hybrids, Wraithkin and Runners as well as Allies and Enemies. A great way to have a mini-page all specifically for your Wraith persona.

Searching for other Stargate groups or great places to obtain those "must have" items for your Wraith outfit? Look under Links for what you are looking for. From Tok'Ra and the SG Ops to prosthetics and teeth, it's all there!

Get all you need to know about the Wraith on the Information page. 

Don't forget to look under the Laws for the rules of the site and forum as well as the Inquiries for all your FAQs to obtain all those need to know curiosities.

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